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Justin and Taylor Blasier ran Enid's first brewery for three years and created an amazing live music venue out of it. Justin does live sound, live recordings, studio recordings, and live and studio drumming for acts of all kinds. We are no strangers to music and what it takes to create world class events centered on music. 

Some of our Discography


Justin went to school at Full Sail University for Recording Arts and graduated at the top of his class. His extensive knowledge of recording and live sound has propelled him in the industry and made him the go to sound guy in the community. 

Music Festivals

Taylor and Justin put on Music on Maine 2021. Downton Enid's first music festival. It was a huge success and was a free event to the public. Blasier.Pro is the coordinating partner for Park Street Palooza Music Festival 2022 on Aug 27. 2022

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